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Flawless Fabrics

Beautifully designed, woven and dyed fabrics can add colour and beauty to your home. At The Studio Finishing Touches, we offer a diverse collection of fabric with your interior design needs in mind. From mute and neutral to bold and vibrant, there are plenty of choices to complement any colour scheme. You can mix and match any way you’d like to portray your personal style and preferences. 

Quality matters to us, and it shows in the brands we carry. We feature fabrics from some of the most respected brands include Wilson Fabrics, Charles Parsons, Filigree Textiles, Maurice Kain, Warwick Fabric, Hoads, JW Designs, Fortex Fabrics, Zepel Fabrics, Materialised, Slender Morris, Mereton, Verosol and more. From solids to sheers, and everything in between, we have plenty of beautiful fabrics for you to choose from. 
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To learn more about our selection of fabrics, we encourage you to browse our gallery or contact us today!
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